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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  January 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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here is jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> there is no data, that says when the pilot is done it helps. >> teachers out in force. why a new grading system has them so angry. >> a shooting on school property. the number of weapons that police recover. >> federal law for sex offenders, why some say it goes too far. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. >> baltimore county school teachers are fighting against a proposed new grading system. >> they made their voices heard, at tonight's board meeting. where angry parents also were speaking out. keith daniels at county school headquarters with more on the controversy tonight. keith? >> well, it was a packed but sedate board room here tonight. standing room are only, with
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dozens of teachers protesting a student tracking system that could be made permanent. the pilot program is called the articulated instruction module or aim. baltimore county school superintendent hampstead talked about making the tool mandatory but pulled back this month, after protests. the tracking system would require teachers to grade students on their mastery of one you hundred skills in each subject. teachers say it amounts to about a 40 page report card, that would go home to parents. timely process, they say, that could take away from teaching. >> so which one do you want? because you cannot have it all. my passion is for my students, in my classroom and getting them excited about the curriculum. >> i wanted to teach and be with the children and make a difference in their lives. but i am finding i am more consumed with making sure you i have the adequate paperwork. >> well, the opposition said school officials did not include teachers, and parents in this
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process. meantime a spokesman with the school board said the matter is now under review and we could hear from dr. hairston and the board january 26, and at that time, dr. hairston could decide to implement the program, or drop it. >> at baltimore county school headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the mayor's pension ignites anger and protest at city hall today. >> there is a thief. >> about 30 people rallied today saying mayor sheila dixon does not deserve her $83,000 annual pension even though the plea deal allows for it. >> someone steals from the public. someone that steals from poor people. should not get paid by the public for the rest of their life at an extremely lavish wage. >> i don't think anyone out here has the right to throw stones when they have not walked in mayor sheila dixon's shoes. that's my opinion. you know, she deserved it. >> council president stephanie
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rawlings-blake becomes mayor next month. is calling for a review of all pension plans for elect haded officials. meanwhile elected officials in baltimore county are taking heat for their pensions. and it is a retirement plan that was established 50 years ago. and as melinda roeder reports, some say it is out dated and too expensive. >> when did we take public elected public officials and put them on the pedestal. >> at tuesday's council meeting. >> they should not be liable for this. >> residents have plenty of remarks. >> the question i pose is what other part-time county employees enjoy retirement benefits at all? >> upset over a pension plan they say is too generous at taxpayers expense. even council members agree. >> apparently we're more than generous. i mean, probably one of the best, if not the best, you know, pension around. >> councilman barton felder is sponsoring a bill to reduce pensions for elected officials,
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including council members and the county executive that is not opposed to a review of the system. >> you are looking at everything. government is looking at everything. people are looking at everything. >> under barton felder's plan elected officials would wait longer to collect and get a smaller percentage of the salary upon retirement. >> 60 percent cap is pretty much modeled after other jurisdictions, state legislative pensions and all of that. and by raising it to age 60 it makes it, the same eligibility age as the state's. >> but some say his plan for reform is not enough. >> it is a start but it definitely does not go far enough. >> members of the citizens group americans for prosperity don't think the politicians should get pensions for part-time work. they would rather the county offer contribution plans like 401k plans instead. >> those are dinosaurs, few people receive them. those are wall street pension plans. they are asking for wall street pension plans in a time when most people are struggling to
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keep their neck above of water. >> council members promise a review of the system, but are not promising any reduction to their retirement just yet. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> baltimore county already has an ethics clause in the pension plan that prohibits pension plans for officials that partake in corruption charges. >> a very high profile federal drug case is in jeopardy tonight because of a suspected dirty cop. lunsford on faces embezzlement and corruption charges, accused of taking money, evidence and bribing informants. a watch belonging to a suspected drug dealer discovered in a raid on his home. and the investigation on that man, coats, is in jeopardy. >> coats defense attorney is trying to get the evidence tossed out. >> we are following a developing story.
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a shooting on school property in west baltimore. 19-year-old man was shot in the face. on the grounds of douglas high school. he ran to the 2600 block of reisterstown road for help. police searching the grounds, found two guns. they also have a person of interest in custody. the victim is at sinai trauma in serious condition. no word if the shooting is related to a basketball game tonight at douglas. >> earlier today, a chuteing and then a police standoff put a elementary school on lockdown. happened outside of gilmore elementary in west baltimore. man found in the 500 block of cumberland street at 1:00 this afternoon. the suspects ran to the 1300 block of mound street near the school, forcing administrators to keep the children inside. >> you know, we have got our babies in there. we cannot go in there and get them. >> he and the they are on the front of the building. and they say they are okay in there. but i want my son out of there.
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>> police took four people, people of interest, into custody. >> arundel county police officer shoots at two men police say tried to run him down. the officer was called to the 2000 block of tea island court in odenton where two men rummaging through vehicles. when the cop arrived, he said the suv came at him. he fired shots and was struck by the vehicle. one suspect was already caught. the officer is expected to recover. >> well, another cold winter day. >> will it get warmer tomorrow? go to chief meteorologist vytas reid with the latest? >> we start out cloudy and sun came out. and warmer temperatures on the way. it is good news. warming up nicely through the week. melting off the snow on the ground. right now, out there, mainly clear skies. as far as any precipitation activity. it looks like we have just a few breaks in the clouds through the overnight. temperatures at 31 in baltimore. and hagerstown at 29. and 28 in harrisburg. and across the bay, over in
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salisbury, eastern shore looking at right around 28 degrees. but we will continue to see the temperatures warm nicely through the day. as winds change from the northwest to westerly winds. and that will help it bring in slightly warmer temperatures as we go through the next several days. so overnight tonight. temperatures only in the mid 20s. but see the sun come out through the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. and that's the beginning of feeling better out there. but it looks like we have to keep an eye on the weekend with the possibility of a storm headed this way. tell you about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> if you are lucky to give blood there is a great opportunity coming up this weekend. fox 45 news, along with the red cross, is sponsoring a blood drive, saturday eight to four at the towson university student union. and any questions about this, call 800 give life. >> the 2010 census is underway in the city of baltimore. governor o'malley and senator
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mikulski joined officials for the grand opening of baltimore census office in east baltimore. office will help to create 1400 new jobs. for marylanders. now for more information about the 2010 census go to links. >> >> airline baggage fees are on the rise. coming up. what the carriers are charging for your checked luggage. >> this is exactly like the movie minority report are. where precrime becomes a basis for the government to lock you up. >> the supreme court hears a case that could very well determine how long sex offenders remain behind bars. details just ahead. >> the residents of maryland take enough. we do not need more tax increases. >> 2010 general assembly begins tomorrow.
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>> when state legislators convenes the general assembly tomorrow they will debate whether to raise the alcohol tax in the state of maryland. it has been decades since maryland's tax on beer, wine and liquor was raised. and many lawmakers do not want to raise it this year. but democrats beg to differ. >> while this is an election year it is also a year in which the state has severe financial problems. and as a result, it is cutting
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back on services for the most vulnerable. >> the residents of maryland take enough. we do not need more tax increases. specifically the alcohol tax. it is a progressive tax, and lower income people. >> similar bill failed to pass last year. >> now onto the question of the day. should maryland increase the alcohol tax? so far 15 percent say yes. and 85 percent say no. holly writes on facebook tonight. it is time to cut us marylanders slack and start to reduce the taxes on things, instead of continually raising them. >> nearly $4 million will go toward cutting down on pollution in the chesapeake bay. congressman rupersburger made the announcement today. the money will be used to help farmers working in the bay waters reduce runoff from lands. and that will include planting stream buffers and moving cattle away from the water. >> one suspect, in the beating of an elderly fisherman is found
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guilty. emmanuel miller is in court as james prefvet testifyed he played dead hoping three men attacking him would be stopped. the other two tried as adults. >> cold day. >> warmer days in the future. and that's great news, after what we have been through. go to vytas reid with the five-day forecast. vytas? >> good to hear we're getting warmer air, especially in the month of january. talking about better conditions coming our way. as we get down the road here. still kind of cold out there right now. hd skycam inner harbour. looking at relatively chilly conditions. temperatures right now, 28 degrees. partly to mostly clear skies. winds out of the west-northwest at seven. that's a key pack tor there. instead of northwest winds we will see them out of the west-northwest. that means we're starting to see the shift coming in more westerly. that means temperatures slowly increase as we get down the road. temperatures for the overnight though look chilly. at 26 degrees in new york city. 14 in albany new york up north
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of us. cold air. looking at 17 in cleveland. 23 in pittsburg. and we will continue to see temperatures on the overnight, on the chilly side of things. but daytime temperatures feeling better. we have high pressure to the southwest of us. that will continue to shift our direction. and bringing in behind it, a little bit of warmer air. so over the next several days here, we will see temperatures increasing into wednesday, thursday, friday. and that includes the midwest as well. all the way stretching as far north as membership mish and parts of new york state that will see the temperatures increasing as we go through the next couple of days here. and a little closer look on the future scan. as far as any precipitation. staying dry for the next couple of days as well. as we see the high pressure in place. few high thin clouds poke their head out once in awhile through the next couple of days. enjoy sunshine. with the temperatures increasing by thursday, getting up to around 40 degrees. or excuse me, closer to 50 degrees it will feel good out there. as we get through the next couple of days. 40 degrees for tomorrow. with sun and clouds. winds out of the west at five to
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10. and then looking at what is coming next for the weekend. we have to keep our eye down south. watching this area of low pressure trying to gather strength. a little bit of the determining factor. which track the storm will take. and comes together a bit. as the potential path will take it up through the carolinas and then off the coast of maryland. but we could get wraparound action from this. mixing in with colder temperatures. and we could get snow, rain mix on sunday afternoon. and changing to snow on sunday night. then into monday morning a chance for some lingering snow showers. watch that i think one closerly. to see how much we could get out of that closer to the weekend. 40 tomorrow. on wednesday. with sun and clouds. and looking at clear skies thursday with a high of 43. and friday, fabulous day. partly cloudy skies. partly sunny skies w temperatures at 48. almost brushing 50. and by saturday, 47. with plenty of sunshine. and then we start to see the next system, potentially moving our direction. with a high of 39 degrees. but we will see that, maybe, start out in the form of snow.
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and change to rain and snow and late sunday night in the form of snow. so like i said, watch the storm closely through the next couple of days. back to you guys. >> a powerful earthquake tore through haiti today collapsing a hospital and several other buildings. the 7.0 magnitude quake centered 10 miles southwest of port of principles. number of deaths is yet to be reported, but it could go sib. at least two americans are reported trapped in the wreckage. >> does the law allowing the federal government to keep convicted sex offenders behind bars after they have served their entire prison sentence go too far? it is before the u.s. supreme court today. craig boswell reports from washington d.c. >> a criminal defense attorney said a case before the u.s. supreme court resembles a hollywood blockbuster. >> this is exactly like the movie minority report.
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where precrime becomes a basis for the government to lock you up. >> the case involves five convicted child sex offenders held indefinitely in north carolina more than two years after the prison terms ended. men were designated as sexually dangerous by the government. two lower courts ruled the law allowing them to be held unconstitutional. >> ultimately the statute will fall because the federal government does not have the power to take people off the streets and put them in prison because it thinks they are sexually dangerous. >> in 2006, president bush signed the adam walsh child protection and safety act that in part allows the federal government to indefinitely confine sex offenders. >> these are often frequently pedophiles or, sometimes, rapists, so this is protecting largely women and children. >> while the law is intended to deal with the worst of the worst, some justices ask, if it would become possible to extend civic commitment to someone believed to be dangerous in
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general and where does it end. >> the constitution itself does not provide strict limits here, substantively, that's the big issue in the territory, what does the government have to show to commit people. >> supreme court is expected to rule on the case by the end of june. craig boswell fox 45 news. >> airline baggage fees on the rise. delta charging $23 for the first check bag. 32 for the second. and u.s. air and americans had charge 20 for the first, 30 for the second. and united it is 15 and 25 with a 5-dollar surcharge, on each, for paying at the airport. jet blue allows its passengers to fly free with the first bag. it charges for the second. the only airline holding out on baggage fees is southwest. >> john harbaugh tells us why he believes peyton manning a
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>> short week for the ravens, meant a change in the regular way of doing things. no tuesday off. on the practice field this afternoon. getting ready for saturday second round playoff game
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against the colts. that means, of course, another encounter with this guy. peyton manning. hall of fame bound quarterback that led the team to seven straight victories over the ravens. but last two of them have been close. and manning was not that overwhelming. and while that may give ravens' fans hope. john harbaugh said this is still the best quarterback in the game. >> more than any other quarterback in the league he understands coverage. tom brady is good at it too. but he understands the weaknesses of the coverage and probably, id's the coverage better than anyone else. and the front too. gets them in a great play. looking for the right match up. he wants to get a specific match up and technique against you. and hopefully we can do a good job of defending that. >> college basketball. gary williams and the terps back in action taking on the second acc opponent in three games. three days. off an upset of florida state. terps in salem taking on wake forest. first half. vasquez with a nice feed off the drive to williams.
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freshman brings it down. 12 terps up by one. and later in the first. wake down by four. ld williams tips the loose ball high into the air. bounces around, harris gets the layup. underneath. off the wild play. decons down by two. and late first half. smith throws the alley-oop to amino for the big slam. wake forest led by three at the break. second half. maryland down by five. buoy forces the steal. takes the other way. finishes with the layup. and buoy had 10. and terps down by three. and later in the second. amino with the block. smith leads the fast break the other way. gives it back for the flush. he had 24. wake extends the lead to seven. then three minutes to go. the terps have cut it to three. vasquez spots up on the wing. and nails the tray. and he had a game high of 30 points. heading to overtime. tied at 76. 14 seconds left in ot.
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terps down two. vasquez for three. and the win. it is off the mark. mows lease gets the rebound. puts up three for the win. and he misses it as well. ball goes out of bounds and that was that. wake beats maryland, 85-83, in overtime. >> up next for the terps. road game at boston college saturday. you can see it all on our sister station, cw baltimore, at 4:00. back to you. >> it looks like warmer temperatures heading our
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. for wednesday and thursday looking at the temperatures in the lower 40s. we will hold onto the 40s on friday. brushing almost 50 degrees. 48. and then on saturday, 47 degrees w more sunshine. and as we get into sunday, there is the potential for that storm that may move up to our area. through the mid-atlantic. maybe starting out as snow, changing to rain and snow in the afternoon. and sunday night all snow. leading us into monday morning. could see snow showers remaining. but too early to determine how much we may get out of the storm. tomorrow, probably a better chance to look at that. but nonetheless, looks like something out of the system toward the weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you, vytas. >> that's all for the "late edition". thanks for joining us tonight. i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. see you tomorrow night. take care.
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